The Company Errezeta Srl was founded in 2010 following the purchase of the production plant belonging to SIRZ company (located in Due Carrare, in the Province of Padova) as a company dedicated to the production of Fired Heaters, Pressure Vessels, and Boilers.

This Division is supported by the technical staff and skilled workers coming from the acquired company which have brought their own experience in production and management of the above mentioned items.

Plant of  Due Carrare:

The plant is located in the province of Padova just nearby the Highway A13 Padova-Bologna.

Total surface of the plant is 85.000 sq.m. of which 19.000 sq.m. are indoor.

The manufactured items in this plant can have the maximum dimension of 7.300mm. height,  6.000mm. width, 40.000mm. length and 200 ton weight.

The plant is located at a distance of about 35 Km from Porto Marghera (Venice) where a portual area is eventually available in case there should be the necessity of modularization of large pieces before shipment by selfpropelled vessel.

The Factory is provided with: 

  • Studying and planning of steel structures plants
  • Using of bended plates in the production of radiant panels
  • Cutting of plates up-to 250 mm. thk. by numerically controlled machines
  • Mechanical drilling of plates and profiles by numerically controlled machines
  • Rolling of plates and commercial profiles
  • Welding with GTAW, SMAW, GMAW and SAW procedures according to EN, ASME e AWS Codes with qualified and skilled personnel
  • Localized heat treatments
  • Heat treatments on items with max.size of 26 x 6 x 6 m.
  • Hydraulic tests
  • NDE examinations by qualified personnel
  • Surface treatments as sandblasting, painting, hot and cold galvanization
  • Refractory installation